Criminal Law, White-Collar Crime

In ongoing criminal proceedings, speed is of the essence. Rapid action is imperative. Do not hesitate to contact me immediately as soon as you learn that you are suspected of having committed a crime. In many cases, the very first interrogation of a suspect conducted in the course of the investigation will determine the way in which subsequent proceedings develop.

I will accompany you during all interrogations and provide advice and support in case of detention or of a house search. If charges are brought against you, you will be able to rely on my services as a defender during the main hearing and any appeal proceedings.

Have you been the victim of a crime? Contact me for comprehensive and detailed information on your rights and let me assert your claims in the course of the criminal proceedings as your victim representative. In cases where the criminal trial is followed by civil proceedings, I will help you to enforce your claims for damages.

In addition to general criminal law, I also provide ongoing advice on issues of business criminal law. Since 2021, I have been writing the Austrian chapter in the ICLG Business Crime Guide, published by the renowned Global Legal Group.

You can find the current chapter by clicking on the following banner or here:

In addition to defendants, I also represent victims in criminal proceedings. Victims can act as private parties in criminal proceedings and have rights that are defined in more detail in the law. In my interview with, I answer questions about victims' rights.

You can find the interview here (in German only):


My areas of specialisation include:

  • Legal assistance in case of detention or house search
    • Legal support during the entire investigation procedure
      • Preparation for interrogation as a suspect
      • Accompaniment and support during interrogations of suspects
      • Development of a defence strategy
      • Representation in court
      • Representation in appeal proceedings
      • Legal support during detention
      • Application for early release (on parole / due to unfitness for detention / electronic tag instead of detention)
      • Legal advice and representation in general criminal cases (violent crimes, crimes against property, narcotics, etc.)
      • Legal advice and representation in cases of white-collar crime (embezzlement, bribery, fraud, etc.)
      • Legal advice and representation for victims of crime
      • Enforcement of victims’ civil claims