Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial law provides a set of rules to govern the day-to-day operations of a business, particularly the laws governing the sale of products and services, while corporate law deals with how companies are formed, governed, structured, restructured and ultimately dissolved.

I provide my clients with efficient and unbureaucratic assistance in the formation of a company and the preparation of the related contracts and applications.

If you are planning to acquire or sell shares in a company, I will accompany and advise you throughout the purchase or sales process.

The increasing numbers of liability lawsuits against the executive officers of companies, such as managing directors, board members or supervisory board members, demonstrate the importance of a profound knowledge of procedural law. Contact me for legal assistance in enforcing claims against managers or in defending against such claims.

My areas of specialisation include:

  • Advice on the formation of companies
  • Drafting and review of contracts, e.g. articles of association, syndicate agreements, purchase agreements, transfer agreements
  • Advice in connection with the acquisition of shares in companies (share deals/asset deals)
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Due diligence
  • Legal advice in connection with disputes arising from the corporate relationship
  • Legal enforcement or defence of claims
  • Company register
  • Corporate housekeeping